Mini Monster Meet

Are your little ones off to school this September?
Don’t let the first day of school be daunting for you and your child. Little Monsters House of Fun is giving parents and children starting primary school this September, the opportunity to get together and meet one another for a special one off Mini Monster Meet session. It will be a great way for you and your child to make friends with their new classmates and like minded parents.

Entry is just £4 for registered children (fill form below), and on the day your child will be given a name badge introducing you and your child to your new friends. Siblings are welcome (normal entry fee applies for siblings).

To join us on the date and time allocated for your new school listed, please fill in the form below to register your child for your Mini Monster Meet.

Plus for the latest news on your school event and to connect with other parents before the event, click here to JOIN your schools event page.

Mini Monster Meet School Dates

All Saints CofE Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Wed 06 June – 1pm

Beckers Green Primary School (Braintree)
Wed 06 June – 10am

Bentfield Primary School (Stansted)
Wed 04 July – 1pm

Birchanger Primary School (Birchanger)
Mon 09 July – 1pm

Bishop’s Stortford College (Bishop’s Stortford)
Thu 12 July – 1pm

Bocking Church St Primary School (Braintree)
Fri 29 June – 1pm

Cressing Primary School (Cressing)
Wed 13 June – 1pm

Debden Primary Academy (Saffron Walden)
Thu 19 July – 10am

Dunmow Saint Mary’s Primary School (Great Dunmow)
Fri 22 June – 1pm

Elsenham CofE Primary School (Elsenham)
Mon 11 June – 10am

Farnham CofE Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Wed 27 June – 10am

Fawbert & Barnard’s Primary School (Sawbridgeworth)
Thu 19 July – 1pm

Felsted Preparatory School (Felsted)
Fri 06 July – 10am

Felsted Primary School (Felsted)
Thu 14 June – 10am

Finchingfield CofE Primary School (Finchingfield)
Tue 10 July – 1pm

Flitch Green Academy (Little Dunmow)
Thu 28 June – 10am

Ford End CofE Primary School (Ford End)
Thu 07 June – 10am

Gosfield Community Primary School (Halstead)
Fri 20 July – 1pm

Great Bardfield Primary School (Great Bardfield)
Thu 14 June – 1pm

Great Bradfords Infant & Nursery (Braintree)
Mon 25 June – 1pm

Great Dunmow Primary School (Great Dunmow)
Fri 15 June – 1pm

Great Easton Primary School (Great Easton)
Wed 13 June – 10am

Great Leighs Primary School (Great Leighs)
Fri 08 June – 1pm

Great Sampford County Primary School (Great Sampford)
Fri 15 June – 10am

Hatfield Heath Primary School (Hatfield Heath)
Fri 29 June – 10am

Henham & Ugley Primary School (Henham & Ugley)
Mon 18 June – 10am

Hillmead Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Mon 18 June – 1pm

Howe Green House School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Mon 16 July – 10am

John Bunyan Infant School (Braintree)
Wed 04 July – 10am

John Ray Infant School (Braintree)
Thu 21 June – 1pm

Little Hallingbury CofE Primary School (Hallingbury)
Tue 17 July – 1pm

Little Waltham Primary School (Little Waltham)
Fri 20 July – 10am

Lyons Hall Primary School (Braintree)
Fri 06 July – 1pm

Magna Carta Primary Academy (Stansted)
Tue 03 July – 1pm

Manor Fields Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Thu 21 June – 10am

Northgate Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Fri 22 June – 10am

Notley Green Primary School (Braintree)
Mon 25 June – 10am

Rayne Primary School (Rayne)
Mon 02 July – 10am

Richard Whittington Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Wed 18 July – 1pm

Rodings Primary School (Leaden Roding)
Tue 26 June – 1pm

Roseacre Junior School (Takeley)
Mon 11 June – 1pm

Shalford Primary School (Church End)
Tue 12 June – 1pm

Sheering CofE Primary School (Sheering)
Wed 20 June – 10am

Spellbrook CofE Primary School (Spellbrook)
Thu 28 June – 1pm

St Francis Catholic Primary School (Braintree)
Thu 05 July – 1pm

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Thu 12 July – 10am

St Marys CofE Primary School (Stansted)
Mon 02 July – 1pm

St Marys CofE Primary School (Hatfield Broad Oak)
Thu 07 June – 1pm

St Micheals CofE Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Wed 11 July – 1pm

St Micheals CofE Primary School (Braintree)
Wed 20 June – 1pm

Stebbing Primary School (Stebbing)
Thu 05 July – 10am

Stisted CofE Primary School (Braintree)
Wed 27 June – 1pm

Summercroft Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Wed 18 July – 10am

Takely Primary School (Little Canfield)
Mon 09 July – 10am

Thaxted Primary School (Thaxted)
Fri 08 June – 10am

Thorley Hill Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Wed 11 July – 10am

Thorn Grove Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Fri 13 July – 1pm

White Court Primary School (Great Notley)
Fri 13 July – 10am

Wimbish Primary School (Wimbish)
Tue 19 June – 1pm

Windhill Primary School (Bishop’s Stortford)
Mon 16 July – 1pm